Staghorn prices will vary with size and whether the specimen in question is mounted or unmounted. Unmounted is less expensive as there are no costs associated with the mounting process and, further, postage will be less as the absence of the backing material (usually wood) means that weight is less.

Indicative retail prices are set out below. If you are unable to visit Stagosaurus, you can send us a description of the staghorn or elkhorn that you are seeking and we will email or sms you a photo of the one(s) which is the best match from our stock, along with a firm price and an indication of the transport cost. In general, transport should not be more than $20 to anywhere in Australia.

Staghorns are priced from $25 to $60

L to R $25, $35, $45, $60 plus transport costs

Feel free contact us if you are interested in wholesale purchases. These are available for orders of 5 medium/large specimens and above.