Privacy and staghorn ferns

Ever had the feeling that you were being watched? That the eyes of (at least some of) the world were upon you?

A customer in Byron Bay did. She had ongoing concerns about the privacy of her single storey home from windows on the second floor of the house next door.

What to do? To put up a structure to block the view could be expensive, unattractive and give offence to the neighbours over the fence. Plus it could involve building approvals from the Byron Shire Council, a process not to be begun lightly.

She discussed her problem with a friend who, in an excellent example of lateral thinking, hit upon the idea of blocking the inward view by carefully positioning large staghorns 0n trees in the garden on her side of the fence.

Our customer contacted Stagosaurus, we went around to her home the same day to assess the situation and eight days later we installed eight large staghorns in strategic positions.  Care and maintenance information came as part of the package as did a post installation inspection that was undertaken a week later to ensure that all was well. It was.

Privacy and beauty at a cost effective price.

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